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Preaching Workshop


We love how in the Vineyard "everybody gets to play." We're committed to everyone serving as God has gifted them. Might God be asking you to take a leap of faith and try preaching?

On May 11th, from 9a-3p, we will be holding a Preaching Workshop as a way for everyone (including you!) to practice preaching and get feedback from our preaching evaluation team. We'd be glad to have you join us!

The workshop will be a half hour of teaching on preaching, after which everyone who signs up will preach for 10 minutes on the same passage of scripture. Each person will get feedback from our evaluation team. Preaching is a Big Deal to God. If this is something that God might be doing in your life, sign up and come!

If you'd like to come, there's no cost! Just prepare a ten minute message from Colossians 1:15-22. One verse, or the whole passage, whatever seems right to you. Sign up below or email Pete Benedict pjbenedict@gmail.com.

Here are some tips for preaching to the team:

1. Preach to those of us who come to listen. Don't preach to some imaginary audience. 

2. Make sure your message comes from the passage! Our preaching is centered in scripture.

3. Pray a lot. Preaching is hard, so talk about that with Jesus :)

4. There are three questions that can help you write a great message: What am I saying? Why is this important? What can someone do about this message right now? Or, more simply: What? So what? Now what?

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