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Changed By Fasting

Today's sermon is the second in our Leap of Faith 2013 series, A Changed World. Over the next eight weeks we'll dive into a faith journey together that will explore how Jesus has come to change our world and how we get to participate with Him in that process today.

Tips for Fasting:

1. Fasting can be miserable. You will be hungry, and you might have trouble sleeping. Fasting if you do physical labor is best left to Saturday or Sunday. Extended fasts have other effects on your body, and if you’re going to fast more than three days straight, please talk with someone who has done that before or email me. Therefore...

2. Pray before fasting. We believe God is inviting our community to this experience, and we encourage you: Start in prayer before you start fasting.

3. Pray when you’re hungry. Your hunger can actually grow your connection and your dependence on God. Your craving for food, or for Facebook, or for whatever you’ve given up helps train you to cry out to Him in times of need.

4. Fast with someone. Share my fasting story with Don & Kurdt, or about 30 Hour Famine. This should be easy for you: Many of us will be fasting! If you want to connect with someone and don’t know how, let us know on your connection card.

5. Don’t go crazy. If you haven’t done this before, fast one meal per wee, one day, or one day per week for the next four weeks. If you’ve fasted a day, you could try a three day fast. If you’ve fasted three days, fast as God leads.

6. If you have medical issues or have had an eating disorder, fast from something else. Talk to your doctor if you there’s any reason you might have a problem fasting. If you have ever had any eating disorder, please fast from something other than food. Choose something that will be a real challenge and will turn you to God.

If you want to fast with someone, or if you’d like the staff to be praying for you during your fasting, let us know on a Connection Card or by email ( or